Return parcels

Safe and convenient returns of goods – sign a contract with us for sending parcels eReturn by Poczta Polska!

Meet the needs of your customers and facilitate mandatory returns of purchased goods. You can attach a return address label when sending the shipment or make it available to the customer to generate it on his own using the website. You have the option to decide who pays for the return:

  • Automatic consent – your customers will be able to return the goods received to the store, and the shipping costs will be charged to your store on the basis of the contract concluded with us. In this case, you can provide the customer with a shipping label in the original shipment or enable him to send an eReturn via the form available at
  • Individual consent – you decide which of your customers will receive consent to ship the shipment at your expense. In this case, the Returning Party will use the form available on the website, and you, via your store account available in our application, will decide whether the eReturn will be credited to your contract.

When preparing parcels, you can use the integration of your system with our application or directly prepare parcels in the system of Poczta Polska – Electronic Sender. You can also attach a return address label when sending the original shipment or provide the customer with an intuitive tool for self-generation of the shipping label available at

Conveniently – your client can send an eReturn parcel at one of over 11,800 points – post offices and the Żabka chain of stores

Flexible – you define the time that the Returner has to send the eReturn

Friendships – a simple form for issuing a return by your customers available at

Simple – integrate your system with our Electronic Shipper and fully manage the returned parcels It’s easy – you can register your store using the form available at

Fast – we will deliver the eReturn parcel within 1 business day.